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CLO emotiona design


A special collection connected with nature

The CLO universe is made up of timeless, handmade and versatile pieces. Unique garments, with avant-garde and versatile designs.

Categorized as iconic pieces of luxury with a keen eye on who elaborates them and how are these processes. CLO integrates in its developments the recovery of crafts, collaborations with artists, manufacturing made in Spain with sustainable processes oriented to slow fashion.

The silk, with its own prints developed by artists exclusively for the brand, are conceived in skirts, blouses, and dresses with handmade applications, such as handmade embroidery crochets. 

Find in our resort wear collection light and fluid fabrics: silk, viscose, ultra-fine napa, soft and fresh textures, solid colors and organic dyes.

Waves, flames, waterfalls in degraded prints coexist with plains prints in perfect natural harmony with handmade embroidery in silks and cotton. Freedom feeling. Serenely sophisticated.

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